You’re Invited to Join Our Wednesday Night Bible Study

Here’s How.

Search for other friends from Westside as well, if you like.

1. Connect to the book online.

Our Wednesday evening study will be using David Chadwell’s book, From Prodigal to Priest, as the basis of our study. You can find the full text of the book online at the link below. We’ll be working through the book one chapter per week for thirteen weeks. Unfortunately it seems that the hard copy is out of print.

2. Read each week’s lesson and answer the questions.

We’ll go over the lesson material each Wednesday night together, and we’ll look at how we might answer the questions that are designed to make us think about the content. Also read over any relevant scriptures.

3. Be prepared to question and discuss.

Our classes are a time for open discussion. Bring your questions and ideas to class and share them with your brothers and sisters. Always be respectful of others.

4. Connect at 7PM on Wednesday night.

Join us online for discussion and fellowship on Wednesday evenings via Cisco Webex. If you’ve not joined us yet or don’t know how, click here for instructions

I look forward to studying with you again. God bless you all.

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