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On the Road Again

I love a good road trip. Actually, if it’s been a while since I’ve gone anywhere, it doesn’t really have to be a good road trip. I’m down with hitting the road, wandering to parts far away and discovering something new. Camping, staying with friends, or patronizing motels—as long as I can “get outta Dodge”Continue reading “On the Road Again”

Home of the Brave … Mother

“A mother’s love” is practically a cliché, but that’s because we know what that’s like. Whether you grew up with the mother who bore you, you likely experienced some woman (or women) in your life who was every bit a mother to you. You probably felt the sense of care and protection that a mother’sContinue reading “Home of the Brave … Mother”


From the surface of the water, a duck looks like it has its act together. It seems to calmly drift across the water. But underneath, the duck is paddling frantically trying to keep moving, especially if moving against the current. If a duck were to look around at the other ducks it might be surprisedContinue reading “Ducks”

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