From the Minister’s Desk

Something to Think About

Mercy and Justice: Better than Rules

According to the teacher, the word was “prophesy.” We were coming to the end of the sixth-grade spelling bee, and that was my word. I spelled it correctly, but was told that I got it wrong. I knew I hadn’t, but I sat down because that’s what I was told to do. The next person…

Good Gifts

I love to give gifts. I love to see a person’s reaction when they encounter a pleasant surprise. I also love to see people get gifts from others. To see someone honored by the generosity of friends or family make me feel happy for them. Jesus wants us to know that the Father is all…

Even I

You’re just passing by, but in the corner of your eye you see something so beautiful that, for a second, you’re stunned. It just took your breath away. Perhaps it was a sudden glance out the window at an incredible sunrise. Maybe it was an old wedding photo that brings a wave of emotions crashing…

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