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Something to Think About


You know it’s getting pretty bad when I’m watching reviews of camping equipment on the internet. Cooped up inside during the winter months makes me feel a little stir crazy. I just want to get out, away from everything, and leave pressures and stress of life behind me. I’m particularly intrigued by all the folksContinue reading “Off-Grid”

Smooth Ride

After having to buy new wheels for my car, I can tell you that I really hate potholes. Even if you don’t hit them hard enough to damage your vehicle, driving over (through?) them is mighty uncomfortable. We seem to be getting more than our fair share, and that, along with the occasional treacherous weather, has madeContinue reading “Smooth Ride”

The Good Ol’ Days

I like to listen to music from the “Big Band” era. Those wind orchestras cranking out those classic tunes just bring a smile to my face. I used to say, “I hope they have a big band in heaven, and that there’s room for one more trombone player.” Satin Doll, Tuxedo Junction, Take the ‛A’Continue reading “The Good Ol’ Days”

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