Home of the Brave … Mother

“A mother’s love” is practically a cliché, but that’s because we know what that’s like. Whether you grew up with the mother who bore you, you likely experienced some woman (or women) in your life who was every bit a mother to you. You probably felt the sense of care and protection that a mother’s arms can provide, or the peace of hearing her voice sing you softly to sleep. Perhaps you can remember the times she taught you; whether it was showing you how to do some household chore for yourself or just sharing her daily advice and experience.

Some of us have even witnessed a mother’s courage. There are things that sometimes try our bravery—that call us to rise above our earthly cares and fears and be more than we think that we can be. Those instances of savage courage can make all the difference in the developing character of a child.

Look at John Mark’s mother: Mary hosted a congregation of the nascent church in her home. When king Herod killed the apostle James and saw how it pleased his constituents, he began to turn his hand toward more executions and apprehended Peter. There was no knowing how far he would go, or when he would stop. But still, Mary continued to encourage the church and host their meetings. In fact, when Peter was miraculously freed from the king’s clutches he knew right where to go to find the brothers in this time of persecution—Mary’s house!

In his later years Mark would minister to Peter and Paul in Roman prisons, undergoing trials of their own. He would go on to write his gospel, the first account of Jesus’ life and teaching, and ecourage the saints in his own way. While he ended his career as a mighty warrior for God, it’s important to remember that he began it sitting on the knee of his very brave mother.

That’s something to think about.

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I teach, therefore I am.

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