A Rolling Stone

We like what we know. We appreciate the familiar. I’m comfortable teaching the same classes over and over—reiterating my routine lectures, providing my stock examples—it’s so nice to stay in my little, unchanging world. But change is inescapable. Recently I’ve been teaching several brand-new classes for the first time. This is stressful to me. Change wears away at my cozy little rut. The erosion of my comfort zone, my safe space, makes me anxious.

Perhaps that was how the disciples felt after Jesus’ resurrection. Strange things had happened. They had seen their Master executed, and then had seen him alive—spoke to him, touched him. The things he had told them about fulfilling the words of the prophets—it was true, but it was unbelievable. Their heads swam in confusion as they attempted to make sense of it all. This wasn’t just the winds of change—it was a full-force gale! Looking for a calm in his mental and emotional storm, Peter declared, “I’m going fishing.” The friends that were with him replied, “We’ll come, too.” And so they returned to the familiar.

They didn’t linger there long, though. Jesus once again showed up and challenged them. Just like he sometimes challenges us. While it may be easy to stay in that rut and keep doing the same old things over and over, Christ calls us to move. We have no time to abide in one place, gathering moss—there is important work to do. There are lost lambs to seek and find and feed.

That’s something to think about.

Published by Rob

I teach, therefore I am.

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