Errata. This is something that I deal with all the time. Books for computer-related classes are usually published on really tight deadlines in an effort to get the material out before it becomes obsolete. The technology industry changes so quickly that textbook makers struggle to stay relevant. But we all know what happens when we get into a rush—mistakes. Authors, editors, typesetters—they all make them. That means that just about every book I use in my job comes with an “Errata document” that lists all the known errors in the text. I emphasize the word “known” because even that document typically has errors, at least through the first few revisions.

People make mistakes. No matter how important the task, we’re just not capable of the level of perfection that we’d like to have. It works that way on the job, and it works that way in life. Wouldn’t it be horrid to have to tote around an errata sheet, documenting every hateful thought considered, every unkind word spoken, every sin you’ve ever committed? Fortunately, our God doesn’t make us do that—we have this promise: “He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.” I encourage you to stop carrying around your errata and read all of Psalm 103.

It’s definitely something to think about.

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