I remember playing outside on summer evenings when all around was dark. My friends and I loved playing games at night. Staples like “hide-n-seek” or “tag” went from being dull routine to exciting new challenges when we couldn’t see the other players until we were practically upon them. We invented new amusements (or thought we did), and re-made old ones according to our young imaginations, in the dimness of those distant porch lights.

And the fireflies! We called them “lightning bugs”, but whatever moniker you gave them they could be down-right breathtaking! That tiny little chemical light from that tiny little insect was big enough to capture the attention of a group of rowdy eight-year-old boys. When dozens of them filled the sky the sight was at once beautiful and arresting.

The Holy Spirit can be like that. Paul told the Romans, “Be aglow with the Spirit.” When your life glows with God’s Spirit in the dark world around you others will take notice. Like that of the fireflies, your little light grabs the world’s attention in a brief moment of reverent reflection. When you shine alongside your brothers and sisters your combined lights make the world pause to watch and marvel at the goodness of God in its midst.

That’s something to think about.

Published by Rob

I teach, therefore I am.

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