Out of Control

Life can slip away from you. Actually, it often does. One moment it seems as if everything is going according to plan, or at least following the expected routine. Then something happens—a car accident, an illness, a surprise plumbing issue—and life goes topsy-turvy. It’s not so much that you’re not prepared for such emergencies. We know that the unexpected is going to happen.

But “prepared” is sometimes just another word for “in control”. When we are unprepared we suddenly feel out of control, like the plane we’re on is crashing and nothing we can do can prevent that from happening. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t plan for the unexpected, but I am saying that we should stop trying so hard to be in control.

The truth is found in a rhetorical question asked by the master teacher: “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? If then you are not able to do as small a thing as that, why are you anxious about the rest?” That’s a great question. So, how do we let go of the wheel and let God drive? “Seek first the kingdom of God.” If God’s kingdom is what we live for, then we’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

That’s something to think about.

Published by Rob

I teach, therefore I am.

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