Light the Candle

Candles are often used as symbols. We light them at funerals, weddings, prayer vigils, and special gatherings of family and friends. Sometimes they represent life, sometimes vitality, sometimes the presence of the Holy Spirit. They are visual symbols that can connect us to the future or to the past.

Symbols can only communicate if they are transmitted in some way from one to another. Candles are visible—we see them. We interpret the light they give based on the context in which we find them. At the dinner table, at a formal ceremony, in a fancy restaurant… we usually do a pretty good job of understanding the symbolism.

Question: If your life were a candle, what would it symbolize? What do you communicate to people by your life? Is it a future that’s bright with possibilities? Is it the overflowing of the fruits of the Holy Spirit? Perhaps it’s the vitality that comes from being excited to face another adventure with the Lord. Your light is shining, but what does it tell the world?

That’s something to think about.

Published by Rob

I teach, therefore I am.

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